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Start with Chopin’s natural hand position. I recommend a slightly modified version, with the fingers of either hand a whole tone apart, starting on E. Practice only with one hand at a time, leaving the other on your lap. Try to release any excess tension from the arm shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist, allowing the fingers to rest naturally on the keys. Take each finger in turn and, using only the finger, depress the key only very slightly – not enough to make a sound. Release the finger and repeat, this time pressing the key down very slightly further. Feel the sudden resistance at roughly two thirds down. It is this resistance that must be overcome in order to make the note “speak. ”Born in Hong Kong, he began studying piano at the age of seven and completed his Bachelor Degree of Classical Music Performance, Piano Major at Australian Institute of Music where he worked under the guidance of Prof. Wojciech Wisniewski. He is currently studying Master Degree of Teaching Secondary, Music Methods at University of New South Wales, investigating different educational theories and practices in music teaching.