how to play the piano fast

Read articles on MajoringInMusic. com about applying and auditioning for more ideas. College auditions have you focus on your primary instrument – the one you play best and which will be your main instrument in music school. So you’ll want to spend the bulk of your time focused on that one. The purpose of auditions is mainly for schools to see how proficient you already are on your primary instrument, as well as whether they think you’re ready to move to more advanced levels, practice at the level music majors are expected to do, and perform in ensembles, orchestras, choirs, bands, etc. So being able to play many instruments a bit but none of them really well will not serve you if you want to apply to music schools. Later on, however, the more instruments you can play really well, the more career opportunities you’re likely to have. Private lessons, if possible, are a great way to improve your playing – along with lots of efficient practicing and playing solo as well as with others. Summer music programs are highly recommended and a great way to improve your playing, learn from great mentors and peers, and really understand what the life of a music major is about. See our 2016 Summer Music Camps and Programs page to learn more. Hi.