• May 28, 2022

2 Reasons Why Many People Give Up on Online Forex Trading

The first is over-confidence. You read some report of new millionaires made every day through the forex market and you too want a piece of the pie. And you want it NOW. So you sign up a live account with an online broker and gamble away. Very soon your initial capital is gone, you’re not even close to making a buck and disillusioned, you give up.

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This is the outcome of a trader without a plan or proper education. Don’t fall into this trap. Get an education now.

The second reason why many people give up with online forex trading is procrastination เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ . You think to yourself there’s so much to learn and plan to go to a bookshop or library and pick up some books. But there are so many books available and you don’t know where to start, so you tell yourself you’ll do some research first before picking anything up. Before you know it, months have passed and you still haven’t done anything yet while your friends are making a killing in the market. You then tell yourself that online forex trading is perhaps not for you.

Here’s how you can discover if currency trading is suitable for you. It’s easy, just sign up for a forex demo account. It’s free! Play around with the features and make some trades (it’s not real money anyway). If you deplete your account, it’s no big deal, just top it up and go again. With a forex demo account, you can experiment without forking out a single cent. If you’re adventurous, purchase an automated trading system, install it to your demo account and study how the robot makes its trades. 

To conclude, you’ll never achieve anything if you continue in your comfort zone without making an effort to actually get going. If you haven’t signed up for a forex demo account yet, get off your butt and do so now. But over exuberance too is harmful and can kill your motivation really fast. Try to find a balance between the two and you should be fine.

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