• May 28, 2022

4 Important Things in Football Gladiators Slot Review 2021

We had to wait for a while, but finally the first new slot of StakeLogic can be played online: Football Gladiators slot.

In that game, four world footballers compete for the prizes in an old-fashioned arena. You can choose which footballer you compete with: Rio Ferdinand, Toni Kroos, Andrea Pirlo or Robin van Persie. 

Yes, indeed, all four of them are no longer at the peak of their football careers, but perhaps that is why the image rights were slightly cheaper than those of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football Gladiators Slot Review

In this slot machine, the players are still 100% in top condition.vIn any case, the slot looks impressive, with insanely beautiful 3D graphics.

1. How Football Gladiators Works?

Football Gladiators has a standard layout: 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. The minimum bet is $0.25 per spin.

The symbols on the reels consist of antique objects and the eternal card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. In addition, there is a joker (the football player you selected at the beginning) and an arena on roles 2 and 4.

If you turn both arenas in the picture, a feature starts. There are two different features. You click on one of the arenas to determine which feature you get.

2. Chariot Race Bonus

You get free spins with a multiplier. You choose from:

  • 15 free spins – multiplier x2
  • 10 free spins – multiplier x3
  • 7 free spins – multiplier x5

Nice: in between the free spins, you see animations of a car race. Your football player races in the arena against a masked gladiator.

If your football player wins the car race, you will receive your bet x10 as a prize. In addition, if your footballer loses, you will receive 2x your bet as a consolation prize.

3. The Battle Bonus

The four football players, on your instructions, will battle with bare hands in the arena against a large fantasy monster.

You choose which of the three monsters you will fight, each with its own difficulty level.

You’ll take on the monster a total of four times during the Battle Bonus Feature. If you hit, you win a prize multiplied by a multiplier:

  • Monster 1 – difficulty 2 stars – multiplier x2
  • Monster 2 – difficulty 3 stars – multiplier x3
  • Monster 3 – difficulty 4 stars – multiplier x4

4. The Results from The Game

We played for 1000 spins, then thi is what we got.

  • Result after 1000 spins: $49,70 loss
  • 5 biggest winnings: $23,05 / $10,- / $ 9,35 / $8,75 / $8,15
  • On average you get a feature 1 time per 100 spins
  • Average winnings Chariot Race Bonus Feature: $7,10
  • Average winnings Battle Bonus Feature: $4,94
  • According to StakeLogic, the payout percentage (RTP): 96.1%

Football Gladiators Slot is stakelogic’s first homemade online slot. And… we must say: it is a promising start.

Graphically, the lock is unparalleled and beautiful. The features are original and surprising, although they should appear a little more often. For the rest, we Football Gladiators find a goal!. 

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