• July 5, 2022

8 Popular Types of Internet Marketing

The internet has changed the way we do business. In fact, many would agree it’s one of the most useful inventions in history. Because of the web and email we can now make our services and products available globally, and we can keep in constant contact with our customers. Internet marketing is an important part of your success online. Here are 8 popular types of internet marketing.

1. PPC – Pay Per Click programs allow you to create an ad that is linked to a keyword(s). You can create as many ads as you want. Google and Yahoo both have pay per click programs. If you aren’t familiar with PPC programs, you choose what you are willing to pay per click. The more you pay per click the higher in the search engines your ad will appears. The rate per click can be anywhere from pennies per click to hundreds of dollars per click.

2. SEO – Search engine optimization is a good way to increase the amount of traffic your site gets. In fact, it’s a fundamental internet marketing technique. When you SEO your site you will remove all the things that stand in the way of traffic reaching your site google scrape . This includes excessive code that the search engines don’t like. It also includes having plenty of relevant keywords and then optimize your site pages around those keywords. Each page can be optimized to different keywords.

3. Banner Ads – These ads contain graphics that are colorful, animated, and catchy that will appear across the top or bottom of the web page. There are also vertical ads called sky scrapers which appear either on the right or left side of the page. Whichever type of ad appears on the page these ads will link to another website. In this case the other website is yours. Avoid animated ads. Statistically they are not as effective as ads that are just catchy without motion.

4. Google AdSense – With this program you’ll have ads of other websites appear on your site. Each time one of these ads is clicked you’ll make money. How much varies depending on the keyword associated with the ad. You can block out your competitors so they don’t appear on your site. The flip to this is when you purchase ads which will appear on other websites creating a link back to your site and improving your search engine ranking. These ads are not annoying like some styles like popups. In fact, they can be very effective at generating targeted traffic.

5. Online Magazines – You buy ad space for a fee much like you would for a print magazine. The fee depends on how much traffic the magazine generates. You can do an excellent job of targeting your ads to your desired market.

6. Online Newsletters – Here’s a way that lets you develop a relationship between you and your customers. It lets you keep them up to date about changes, new products and services, and it’s also a method of providing helpful tips. You can start with your core customer base and include a request for these customers to forward the newsletter to their friends. There should be an opt in and opt out option at the bottom of the newsletter. You can also have an opt in on your website. You’ll be amazed at how fast your newsletter grows.

7. Website Lead Generation – These services provide you with qualified leads and you pay a price per lead that’s established in the beginning. These companies find potential leads a variety of ways including cold calls. Lead generation services guarantee a return on investment and leaves your staff free to do other tasks.

8. Online Directories – There are all kinds of online directories and city guides, as well as the online yellow pages. You can feature yourself under the appropriate category or area. So for example, if you service the LA area then you could have yourself listed in Los Angeles or if you sell women’s fashion then you could be under the fashion category. With most directories a general listing is free and then you can purchase additional advertisements if you like.

It does not take an SEO consultant to know about the on going issues with duplicate content. Everybody should be well aware that the major search engines love unique content. Search engine filters were brought into place by the major search engines and ever since it has become something of a harmful topic.

The problem arises when you do not understand what duplicate content is as it means more than an identical page on your site. I have been an SEO consultant for 3 years and at least 30 percent of my clients have had issues with duplicate content so it seems not everyone is aware of the concept.

In its basic terms duplicate content means any page on or off your site that is identical or similar in content. It does not have to be identical as long as it is appreciably similar. There are harmful types of duplicate content and harmless. Harmless types of content include discussion forums, product pages and print only pages. The harmful types of duplicate content are those specifically designed to manipulate search engines and confuse indexing.

This is why big search engines such as Google hate duplicate content, they want to give you the most relevant content at the top of their SERPs, but which pages do they use if there are 100 pages that are identical or similar. It is for this reason filters are used, if your page is identical to another page either on your site or else where on the web, it will simply index the page with the most authority.

There are some simple things to avoid in order to prevent search engine penalties. Do not steal content, as well as an obvious SEO effect you could also find yourself in trouble with copyright laws. Check for scrapers, these are people who are using content from your site to populate pages on their own. A good tool to use is copyscape. If you find anyone copying your content email the webmaster and ask them to remove it and also file a complaint with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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