• May 28, 2022

Blogging for Free Traffic

Many people do not realize this but you can actually drive traffic to your website without doing anything but posting fresh content on the blog. Yes, without doing any search engine optimization. Basically, when you register your domain name, there are many sites that have automated tasks that actually list daily domain name registrations. That is all a search engine robot needs to crawl in order to pick up your link and follow it to your website. Yes, just like that, and you are indexed.

However, just because you are indexed does not mean you will attract traffic ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . Once indexed, you are now usually competing against thousands of other sites that have similar keywords on their site as your do. So you might show up on Google, but you might be on page 345 and to be honest with you, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between page 2 and page 345. These pages that I refer to are referred to as SERPS or Search Engine Result Pages.

The goal is to get to page one and once there, you will notice a good amount of traffic coming to your website. This type of traffic is called organic and it is free. Next to your listing towards the right are links to other websites ASSOCIATE HOME DEPOT HEALTH CHECK . Those poor chumps paid big money to get on the same page as you. Poor chumps.

Now I know what you are wondering. How do you get on that first page, right? Well, it would take a book, maybe two to explain all the tactics of getting there but I can get you pointed in the right direction.

That first page that I was referring to is relative to the keywords that someone types in to the search engine. For example, if you sell hamburgers and someone types in “hamburgers” in to a search engine, good luck on appearing anywhere close to the top-ten. However, if one of the burgers you sold was called a “Salsa Chicken Burger” you would have a better chance of ranking higher for such a term. Now, are there a thousand people a day searching for Salsa Chicken Burgers. Probably if you can discover nine other search terms that attract one hundred visitors a day, you would have the same result of traffic as you would of had with the term “hamburgers?’ This is called creating streams of traffic. This is also called “targeted traffic” which is wonderful because whoever is searching for that Salsa Chicken Burger really wants it badly and the good news is that you just happen to sell it.

Personally, I am an Internet Marketer and when generating this type of traffic, I am able to take each stream of traffic and direct it to a related page on my blog. The targeted traffic gets exactly what they are looking for and I utilize this fact by placing specific items or advertising that will generate either a sale or income for me. Each unique visitor that arrives to my site where I am able to obtain data that I am seeking or revenue is considered a conversion. Conversions mean big bucks and big bucks online means that you have a successful online internet business. That is just plain cool!

If you want to market your articles on the blogs and internet, the topic should be hot and relevant. You should choose the relevant topics from any industry that you are familiar with. If you do not have a list of keywords ready, the best thing you can do is to go to Twitter and search out for the latest industry trend and you will be able to get a list of keywords easily. Also you can set up the Tweet beep, a free web based service that gives you free email alerts on keywords.

If your topic is aiming to teach small business owners on how to market through social media marketing, they you should setup your alert using keyword phrases like internet marketing, social media marketing, social engine optimization etc. Immediately you will start receiving tweets containing these keywords and in no time you will have a hang of the latest trends.

With Twitter, the response time is almost nil and you get your response at the next instant. In such cases within a few readings and minutes you will get to know the latest trends in the industry and also be able to choose the key topics to write your articles about.

In any discussion topic, it takes a little while to get a clearer picture of what people are talking and discussing and hence to decide on what should be your topic of the article. In any social media networking topics, several issues get addressed at the same time. While somebody may be talking of the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, another could be responding with the skill sets required of the consultant or another person could be talking about how to find the right internet marketing consultant.

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