• July 5, 2022

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to keep your company name in the minds of your customers or potential customers. It has been said that it takes 7 impacts to make an impression Boston Airport Limo Service with an advertisement and that was before the internet. In today’s internet world it might take close to 20 impacts to make an impression with a customer or a potential customer. So if you are not reaching out to your customers at least once a month, chances are they’re going to find another company to do business with.

For some industries, the impact of email marketing can be immediate. My car needed an oil change last week and I had not taken the time to get it done. I received an email blast from a local auto dealership with a coupon for 20% off an oil service. I went the next day to get my oil changed at this dealership. Of course they also got me to change my windshield wiper blades and rotate my tires. If a car dealership knows that Tuesday is a slow day, they can email out a coupon that is good for the next Tuesday.

Sending out coupons does not work for all industries. For the other industries, you would probably send out a monthly email to your subscribers. If you do send out a newsletter, it should be informational and not overtly trying to sell your products or services. You want to be the expert in a certain field and over time your potential clients will come to trust you and eventually buy your products and services.

I mentioned that you should not try to overtly be selling your products and services in an email but you should have a call to action in your newsletter. You want to try and get the reader to do something when they are finished reading. Whether you offer them a free consultation or 10% off a certain service, this can move the reader to respond to your newsletter.

These days, it is not uncommon for parents to go all out for their kids when it comes to celebrating their birthdays. In fact, there is a whole television show dedicated to the extravagant parties parents throw that can cost upward of $30,000. It is a booming industry, but you do not have to spend that kind of money to give your kids an exciting and glamorous party on their birthdays. You can simply rent a limousine and a regular, everyday party instantly becomes a fun, luxurious event.

The first key to planning a limo party for your child is to contact a Limo services company and ask if they allow kids in their vehicles. Some do and some don’t. It depends on whether or not the company wants to deal with the added hassle of dealing with children, including liability issues and cleanup inevitabilities. Of course, for a children’s party, you do not want to have any alcohol in the vehicle, especially if there will only be one or two adults. You are not going to want the responsibility of keeping it out of the hands of the kids.

Next, you need to let the Limo services company know how many kids and adults will be present so they can find a vehicle that will comfortably fit all the passengers. This is probably the biggest factor in how much you will pay for the limo you hire. If you have a huge party, you are going to need a bigger vehicle and it will cost you more.

You should also think about when you are going to book the limo. Mornings and early afternoons are going to be more cost effective for you and probably better for the kids as well, since they are typically fresher earlier in the day than they are late at night. It is also a good idea to request a non-smoking car since kids really don’t need to be exposed to that.

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