• July 6, 2022

How to Raise Orphaned Kittens

For a variety of reasons, a mother may not be able to care for her kittens. In this instance, it is important to take immediate action to care for the orphaned litter Savannah kitten breeders . It is feasible to nurse kittens, but bear in mind that it requires a lot of hard work and even with the best care it is possible that not all of the kittens will survive.Nevertheless, raising orphan kittens can be a rewarding and life affirming experience. So, if you are faced with the arduous task of caring for abandoned kittens, here are some simple steps to help you along the way.

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Kittens cannot control their body temperature and the most common cause of death amongst newborn cats is hypothermia. Subsequently, it is crucial to keep the litter warm However, you also need to be wary of overheating the kittens. Naturally, a kitten would use its mother as source of warmth. Therefore, most experts suggest using a water bottle, or similar heat emitting object, which the kittens can get close to, but also move away from if they become to hot.

You will need to feed your orphaned kittens every 2-3 hours (throughout the day and night). A kitten milk replacement and feeding bottles are readily available at most pet supply stores. Always use the specific kitten milk, because cow’s milk is not suitable and can make them very ill. At around two weeks’ old, the kittens will open their eyes. At this stage, you may wish to offer them small amounts of kitten food mixed with the milk replacement. They are unlikely to eat it, but they will lick at it and it will encourage them to feed as they are weaned.

Obviously, left with their mother the kittens would be frequently cleaned by her. Therefore, you should regularly clean them with a damp cloth, especially as they begin to eat solid food and they are at their messiest. If a cloth is not sufficient to remove the caked on kitten food, then a bath may be required. However, it is a good idea to ensure that they are not left wet. So, you may wish to dry them off with a towel or a hairdryer if you have given them a bath.

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