• July 5, 2022

Prize Wheel Adds Presentation area Buzz at your Next Expo

Business expos are the type of event that bring the sales staff of a company out and together. It may be a real est event or the newest technology expo. During an expo, potential clients are looking for education, new information and gadgets to catapult their business to another location level in their respective market places. Spin the wheel is the perfect game to offer education, information and gadgets for your your potential clients. Booths invite the customers can use to take a nearer look at products, ask around them along with perhaps get a sample of computer. The busyness of an expo is exciting,

overwhelming and even confusing at times. But, a known simple truth is that the booths that usually obtain the most attention from the audience are the ones that hand out prizes. An opportunity to spin the wheel will draw a crowd in and cause them to stop and listen for a while at your presentation area. Like children on a gemstone, everyone wants used campers for sale in Holland to be where the action is going on in the hope that they, too, can spin the wheel and win a prize. So, enjoying that air of excitement and taking advantage of repeated behaviors at expos tends to make smart marketing.

Spin the wheel games are available in different sizes and depending on your size and presentation area design, you should choose a game wheel that is befitting you. Sometimes a tabletop wheel is the better choice, especially if you want them to lean in closer to hear from you. Other times, a large stand-alone wheel of fortune game will do just as well to bring the required attention and create a buzz. The prize wheels available are:

The standard (31″) prize wheel which has 12 or 16 prize wedges is great for meetings, gatherings, social events, team development activities, youth clubs, and places of worship. The standard wheel is 31″ in diameter, therefore it is the popular size for many types of usage. The standard wheel has an optional travel case with recessed foam inserts for travel and safe storage. You can also choose a table top or floor model for any of these prize wheels. If you want the option to use it free standing, you can purchase a table top model and add off shoot legs. The off shoot legs will convert the table top model into a free standing prize wheel.

The adaptable (31″) prize wheel offers the same benefits as all of those other 31″ spin wheels. However, the adaptable spin to win wheel is unique in its design. It has been created with 24 click stops on the circumference of the wheel. But, there are only 12 prize wedges. With the custom web templates, you can create your own number of prize wedges between 12 and 24. The prize wheel is very popular for odd number events, like a “Friday the 13th” party or a “Sweet 16th inch celebration. The mini (20. 5”) prize wheel is the smallest option and is most effective when used in a small setting, brainstorming session or class room. Comprised of 12 wedges, it also has the option of adding a travel case. Due to its easy fold, the mini wheel fits easily into a specially designed travel case with recessed foam inserts. It makes a great travel companion for on-the-go traveling meeting planners.

Spin the wheel games are so fun that they add a lot of drama to every event. With the free web templates, you can create your own prize wedges and easily add them to your prize wheel to manufacture a unique look. To add new excitement and to gain the attention of expo visitors, you will want to use a prize wheel with great give-aways to gain their attention. Test that for yourself today!

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