• May 29, 2022

Security Guards – Are They Necessary?

First, consider all the types of technology available for people and businesses these days. There are sophisticated alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and control access doors. These things, as well as other means of security, make stealing something–or harming someone that is protected by these assets– very difficult.

Security Equipment Needed for Security Guard Duties

Consider the advantages of having live, breathing people protecting valuables and buildings. Security alarms can be disabled private residential security services. Surveillance cameras can be destroyed or tampered with. Control access doors can be fooled into giving access to the wrong people. Although these things are hard to do, many criminals still manage to do them. They have their own technology that gives them the power to disable, trick, or destroy security products.

Security guards, on the other hand, cannot easily be tricked or manipulated. If they are well trained, they should realize when a person is doing something suspicious or acting abnormal. Security guards are usually highly visible, which deters criminals from trying to steal something or harm someone.

The security guards can still be knocked out or killed, but will provide much more information on who the criminal is, than an inanimate security object. When a camera or security system is tampered with, they will not be able to tell who it was that did so. Security guards, unless outright killed, will most likely be able to report at least some information on the criminal or criminals. Also, they have the capacity to resist. They carry weapons and are trained to handle threatening people. Machines sometimes carry software that makes them resistant to tampering, but are still less in control over what happens to them.


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