• July 6, 2022

The Ego War: An Endless Assault on Leadership

Our enemy is flying sortie after sortie, dropping 500 pound bunker busters. They’re making it rain firepower. It is relentless. They’re leveling the leadership bunker while simultaneously napalming the motivated few that remain on the outskirts. The last soldiers fighting for leadership are deserting 7.62×39 hunting ammo by the hundreds. I’m angry but I can’t blame them. Seconds melt away as I continually call, no BARK, for air support. Why isn’t he responding? Why isn’t he calling LEADCOMM (Leadership Command) relaying my requests? My communication’s specialist has taken a direct hit.

We’ve lost all communications. I continue to dream but you of course, want to know who this enemy is. Who could disregard what leadership stands for while doing it so blatantly? Why would anyone want to destroy the foundation of leadership? I thought leadership was the only thing standing between tyrants and George Washington? Between Stalin and Washington.

We share this combatant. This enemy is no stranger to you or anyone else reading this. They are the ones who think they’re above the fray. The one’s who silently crush the dreams and aspirations below them. They suck the life out of us. They are the silent assassins of motivation. They couldn’t inspire a chicken to lay an egg or lead their way out of a wet paper bag yet they hold enormous power and positions within organizations and corporations everywhere. How did they rise to such levels of power without possessing a shred of positive leadership qualities? Didn’t they watch Spiderman? Do these lost souls know that “with great power comes great responsibility?” Of course not. They’re lost in the Sea of Ego. They don’t realize they are lost and just steam ahead, leaving us all in their wake.

Meanwhile, the dream continues and the “lost souls of leadership” continue their assault. There is no end in sight. I must abandon my post against all instinctive pride I have. Once they take over, world domination is imminent. Where’s Optimus Prime when you need him? Wake up Tim. Is this Nightmare on Elm Street? WAKE UP! Despite the pools of sweat, this Ego War has all been imagined. I was dreaming all along.

But if you haven’t given your online reputation the same level of scrutiny, you might not ever get the call. In fact, a study conducted by Career Builder suggests that employers look at candidates’ social media profiles with the same tender loving care they bestow on resumes, and if any of these six blunders appear, an offer of employment can simply evaporate.

Sexy selfies are part of the culture, and it might seem perfectly acceptable to share a snap of muscles that have been toned through daily workouts. It’s an accomplishment, and it’s hard not to share those moments with friends. Photographs that are a little too provocative can provide a different message to a potential employer, however, and that message might not be altogether positive. A future boss might envision you entertaining clients or coworkers, and the job offer can disappear as a result.

Photos on websites you control (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) can be deleted altogether with a click of a button. Photographs on a site controlled by someone else, such as a nasty ex-lover, might be harder to delete, and sometimes, experts must be called in to do the cleanup. But considering that 50 percent of employers surveyed by Career Builder mentioned that they’d reject a person with this type of photo shown openly, cleanup is well worth the hassle.

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